Anchor Faith Church

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FLORIDA - Our St. Augustine church was the first, and founding church of Anchor Faith Church. We began in 2004.

GEORGIA - Igniting the City of Valdosta, Georgia since 2009. Pastored by Mark & Ashley Brady.

PUERTO RICO - Planted in 2011 by Pastors Arnel & Vanessa Cintron. A growing ministry, reaching an influential nation.

NICARAGUA - A training and outreach ministry for men. We serve those with addictions & teach about the victory of Christ.

Upcoming Events

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The Vision

IGNITE THE CITY - Become a part of Anchor Faith Church in your area. Get involved, and help reach your city.

IMPACT THE NATION - Let the voice of the Holy Spirit be heard through you! Join us as we will impact this nation.

INFLUENCE THE WORLD - Grab ahold of the gospel of the Kingdom so that you can see how big a plan God has for us. Don't live for yourself, but for the Kingdom in the world.

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